Ojok Patrick Angala

Director Admistration & Co-founder

I am Physically Disabled Person; I hold a Diploma in Education Secondary and Honours Degree in Public Administration and Management. Due to the high level of unemployment in Uganda I did part time Job as a teacher in a secondary School in my Sub-county while also participating in Bee Farming activity. I found bee farming very helpful in generating income to support my family and left part time teaching to become fully engaged in bee farming and selling honey products. Still then we use local bee hives and have not yet progressed to modern bee farming practice to increase production. Bee farming is very marketable though production is still very low to meet the market demands. Coming together as a team of three (Simon/Patrick/William) to share experiences and expertise in bee farming has been very helpful more especially through establishment of Hive Uganda Limited a company to promote the production and marketing of bee product locally and hopefully in the international market in the near future.

Ojok Patrick

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