About HIVE Uganda Limited

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HIVE Uganda Ltd is a registered nonprofit making company with the government of Uganda under registrar of company with the registration number 168846 and also registered with the local government in the rural district of Gulu for licence of operation with the number 2711. The company is promoting participation of rural blind people in Uganda through agricultural livelihood of bee keeping where 28 blind and partially sighted men and women of age 20+ years have been trained in beekeeping and given 5 local bee hives each as they open their own bee farming in their home.


To see blind and partially sighted people in rural community of East Africa becoming great entrepreneurs.


To enhance livelihood and independence of blind and partially sighted people in East Africa through training on bee keeping and marketing of honey products.

Primary Objective

To consolidate beekeeping effort of visually-disabled people bee farmers in rural areas. This project is designed to strengthen beekeeping initiative in rural Uganda with bee resource Centre that has a processing unit, and once this has been achieved, HIVE plans to expand the project to other rural communities of East African countries.

Target Group

Blind and partially sighted persons bee farmers 20+ years of age.

During the 24 months consolidation phase, 30 beneficiaries will be trained to become income-generating bee-keepers and HIVE will help these bee keepers with developing the market for honey and wax products.

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