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Mobile training approach: the alternative approach to serving rural blind people amidst COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth new challenges to nations, with drastic interventions including lockdowns altering the way of life. Human beings are now required to practice social distancing, use of sanitizer or hand washing with soap and water or wearing of masks, among others. Every nation is affected in one way or another. A lot of activities such as training workshops, sensitization seminars, public gatherings and all work deemed to put people at risk of infection with coronavirus remains blocked in many countries. Most organizations have come up with strategies such as virtual meetings through Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp to reach the people. Many online training programs are now widely encouraged ...

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HIVE Uganda Blind beekeeping News

Bee Champion for Rural blind people in Northern Uganda

This is a project that will train 30 blind people in bee keeping and give them start up support of four bee hives, harvesting suits, air tied buckets, bee brush, bee smoker and hive tools ...

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BDMF Project


Women and people with disabilities. This involve making of harvesting suits, bee smokers, improve bee hives and hive tools under BDMF.

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Mobile training project


Mobile training on bee keeping for the blind. Our next training is targeting 55 new blind people into bee keeping. This is with support from KSBS.

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HIVE Uganda and COVID-19 pandemic


As we navigate the different stages of coronavirus pandemic with it economic and social impacts across our different community, our priority is safeguarding and supporting our people –employees, as well as those in our communities. We will continue to review and adapt the additional health and safety precautions, as well as new working protocols implemented across our locations in Uganda, in line with official advice from national government and health authorities.

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Beekeeping to Empower Economically People with Disabilities Project.
This is a project that has trained 15 blind people in bee keeping and gave them start up support of four bee hives, harvesting suits, air tied buckets, bee brush, bee smoker and hive tools. This is with support from TUNADO through Bees for development.
And the 15 blind people also were trained together with their guides as supporting mechanism in their bee farms.

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Beekeeping Training in Pabbo

Update #1

Several people getting trained in bee keeping in the villagle of Pabbo

HIVE Uganda continues to train visually impaired and blind people in bee keeping. In July 2018 the organization made a trip to Pabbo, in Amuru District, to give training. 16 visually impaired beneficiaries attended this basic introduction into beekeeping. The course covered the topics of general beehive management, the practice of honey harvesting, and the identification of an appropriate location for a beehive, the marketing of honey products and the different qualities of honey. To start up their own bee farm the beneficiaries received four local beehives each to kick start bee farming in their locality. by HIVE Uganda. Additionally, the beneficiaries were given white canes to improve their mobility and orientation in their everyday surroundings.

In the future the beneficiaries will also receive little seedlings that shall be planted around their beehives and serve as bee forages. Provided will be either Calehundra, African Tulip or Jakaranda seedlings since they grow quickly and serve as nutritious food sources for the bees. Planting bee forages is not only supporting the survival of the endangered bees but will also benefit the diversity of the local environment.

This training in bee keeping gives visually impaired as well as blind people in rural areas of Northern Uganda the possibilityto support their families with an alternative income by selling honey. Many other visually impaired people in rural areas wish to attend a similar training to be able to be self-employed as they work with other people in the rural community as their assistance. Unfortunately, these opportunities are always limited and HIVE Uganda wishes for partners, organizations and friends that can support more of such trainings. Your support is always welcome! For more information feel free to contact


Six new master trainers in 2018

Update #2

Six new master trainers get their diploma handed out in 2018

In the first semester of 2018 six master trainers completed their teacher training and will from now on train the new beneficiaries. The six experienced blind beekeepers attended a one-week training which focused on teaching skills, time management and leadership. In practical trainings the new master trainers learned how teach their fellow blinds the basics of beekeeping. How to conduct a training that is inclusive and serves the needs of the beneficiaries was the most important question. All participants took part in lively discussions, exchanged ideas and developed together an excellent skill set to teach our future beneficiaries in bee keeping.

We are happy to welcome Jennifer, Alfred, Francis, Robert, Lucy & Grace as our new master trainers and congratulate them to the successfully completed training!


36 new beekeepers, 36 new leaders

Update #3

Since January 2018 HIVE Uganda has successfully trained 36 new beneficiaries. The 36 visually impaired or blind participantstook part in the training on beekeeping and learned about the behavior of honeybees, about the management of beehives, the honey harvest and much more. This training does not only provide knowledge but also gives the beneficiaries the opportunity to become self-employed. By harvesting and selling honey the participants are able to generate an alternative income to support their families. HIVE Uganda wants to help marginalized people with disabilities in rural communitiesto become great entrepreneurs to enhance their livelihood and independence through training on bee keeping and marketing of honey products. We are building inclusive leaders one hive at a time!


Become a beekeeper!

Update #4

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper, too? Do you live in a rural community in Northern Uganda and have a visual impairment? Or maybe one of your family members is blind or has a visual impairment and would like to learn about beekeeping? Then get in touch with us and sign up for the next training in September 2018 to become a great entrepreneur! Send an email to to participate in the next training. HIVE Uganda is building inclusive leaders one hive at a time.


Beans for blind beekeepers

Update #5

Food is not equally available for everybody in Uganda. HIVE Uganda wants to improve the situation and support the food security in collaboration with the garden project. In early July 2018 the organization had 4.5 acres of land cleared and planted 120 kg of beans on the field. The beans that will grow on this plantation will be distributed between the blind beekeepers. Along with 20 kg of beans the beneficiaries will participate in a training on organic manure. HIVE Uganda encourages them to plant the provided beans in order to start their own organic garden, grow beans and feed their families.


Exchange visit within Uganda

Update #6

You are already an experienced beekeeper in Uganda and you would like to share your knowledge? We are looking for other beekeepers in the country to learn from one another! HIVE Uganda wants start to do exchange visits with other beekeepers within Uganda to talk about beekeeping, the different practices, beehive management, pest control, bees waxs products and much more. We want to learn and thrive together! If you are interested in exchange visits with HIVE Uganda simply contact us via email: We are looking forward to hear from you.

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